Our business has grown entirely through word of mouth and here’s a selection of some of the lovely things our clients have said over the years…..


“I just wanted to add my thanks for your excellent work so far. For a small business like ours, it makes such a difference to have quality people like you helping us.” SJ, Warwickshire (IFA)



“The meeting was a complete success in no small part because of your enormous contribution. Thanks so much for keeping us up to date and being so flexible.”  SD, Oxford (Ophthalmologist)



 “Thank you so much for all your support and guidance this year, I really appreciate it” GK, London (Events)



Brilliant, thanks so much for everything you’e done on this – I’d have been completely lost without you!” MS, Warwickshire (Property)



“I really appreciate you challenging us on things like this – it is a massive help to me.  I value everything you do for us so much I really do.”  HJ, Warwickshire (IFA)



“Funnily enough the one thing that really seems to get me furious is when I can’t work technology related stuff !!! Thank the heavens for you is all I say!”  NM, Oxfordshire (Health & Wellbeing)



“I think you do a brilliant job so don’t ever feel the need to apologise for missing stuff out. 🙂” RT, Northumberland (IT)  


“The Event went very well thank you, not least due to the quality of the Pack.  Thanks so much again for your input into all the design and production.”  TO, Warwickshire (Lawyer)



“Ahhh Judith, you’re a star!!   I’m quite taken aback by all the technology. You will always be my “guardian angel” who I know I can turn to in my hour of need!”  YE, Oxfordshire (Food Retail)



“Thank you Judith, you are the most supportive virtual assistant ever and so very kind”,  NG, Warwickshire (Lawyer/Mediator)



 “Thanks for keeping me sane and away from Excel!” SH, Oxfordshire (Sewing Classes)



“Thanks Judith – this is great. Wish I was as good with words (and making things sound more interesting than they are!) as you!!”  MS, Warwickshire (Property)



“Great Judith – it’s such a help that you are so efficient”  AM, Warwickshire (Notary)



“Wow, many thanks. That’s impressive turnaround.”  KM, Oxfordshire (Equestrian)



“Thanks for this, perfect wording. thanks”  HJ, Warwickshire (IFA)



“You’re the best! What would I do without you? 🙂 ”  RT, Northumberland  (IT)



“Word perfect as always!”  SJ, Warwickshire (IFA)



“Ooh, that’s why we use your services!!  Thanks, perfect!”  MS, Warwickshire (Property)



“Judith is extremely efficient, totally trustworthy and I thoroughly recommend her services.  You will receive a first class service.”  VW, Gloucestershire (Interiors)



 “I am full of admiration for the way you have pulled together my random thoughts and made them flow – thank you!”   HW, Warwickshire (Property)



 “Judith helped me sort out my database, turning chaos into order.  Though I knew the database needed “tidying up”, it was Judith’s suggestions that really fine-tuned the Excel spread sheet into a useful working document that was easy to navigate.  The result?  Less time spent struggling to find crucial information and, therefore, less stress”.  SH, Gloucestershire (Public Relations)



 “Using Judith’s skills has proven to be excellent value for money, she is reliable, personable and 100% trustworthy.  A huge asset to my business and a pleasure to work with.”  NM, Oxfordshire  (Health & Wellbeing)